Roman Mythology

Ovid: Metamorphoses

1st century BC, Latin, Ancient Roman.

Actaeon ran as fast as he could through woodland where he had so often chased deer; but now he was a deer himself!

As Actaeon stared in disbelief at his reflection in the water, he heard the sound of his own hounds; they had spotted him. Melampus and Ichnobates barked wildly, then all the others gave chase as well, even Hylaeus who was nursing an injury that he had recently received from a wild pig. They sped through the forest towards him, Poemenia, Harpyia, Ladon and all the others, over rocks and down cliffs, through almost impenetrable thickets. Actaeon tried to flee from them as fast as he could, through woodland where he had so often chased deer himself with these hounds; but now he was himself a deer! He frantically tried to call the dogs by name, to get them to recognise their master, but no sound would come from his mouth except a braying and grunting. He felt the jaws of Melanchaetes close painfully around his rump.

Story fragment recounted from: Innes, Mary M., 1955. The Metamorphoses of Ovid. Translated from Latin with an introduction. Penguin Books Limited. Ovid: Metamorphoses, Book III [141–259], pp 78–80

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