Medieval Romance

The Romance of Sir Guy of Warwick

13th century, Anglo-Norman French, British Museum, Corpus Cristi College Cambridge: 14th and 15th century Middle English translations, National Library of Scotland, Bodleian Library Oxford.

The giant was called Ameraunt.

Brynge forthe,’ he sayed, ‘the gyawnt.

'Bring forth the giant!' cried the Sultan.

The giant was called Ameraunt and he was nobly armed. Everybody marvelled at him. He was immensely tall and seemed outrageously strong. When Sir Guy saw this fit and ungodly figure coming forward: 'By Christ!' he exclaimed to the king. 'That is no man but a devil! Who could survive a blow from him?'

Story fragment retold in modern English from: Zupitza, J, 1875, reprinted 1966. The Romance of Guy of Warwick: The second or 15th-century Version. Published for the Early English Text Society by Oxford University Press, lines 7951–61.

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Complete text of Sir Guy of Warwick in the Auchinleck Manuscript and in the second, or 15th century version, edited by J Zupitza, 1875, 1883, both reprinted 1966, Extra series, available through the Early English Text Society (EETS)

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