Irish Mythology

Manannan and Ciabhan

pre-12th century—present. Old Irish | Modern Irish, folklore.

After leaving the 'Beach of the Burial Mound', Ciabhan is taken across the waves by the god Manannan to the shore of a Land of Promise, called the Land of Youth.

Ciabhan leaves Ireland from the Strand of the Cairn, or in other words, the Beach of the Burial Mound. Leaving a sorrowful multitude behind, he meets Manannan riding across the waves. Ciabhan has been beset by jealous husbands and lovers in Ireland who have wanted to do away with him because of his effect on their sweethearts, so he leaves Ireland for good in a coracle from this Strand of the Cairn. Hints are piled upon hints, in this story retold from the ancient Irish by Lady Gregory. Ciabhan has had to leave because he has received neither shelter or protection. His departure is very sorrowful, for to part with him was like the parting of life from the body.

While on the sea Ciabhan meets with Manannan. and just as in a Medieval legend of Saint Brendan, whose name the fourteenth century South English Legendary spells Brandan, this guide and provider gives sustenance to the weary traveller. Manannan takes Ciabhan across the waves to the shore of a Land of Promise, which in the tale of Oisin and Niam is the Land of Youth, and from thence into his own city, where he is entertained with meat, drink, and revelry.

Story fragment recounted from: Gregory, Lady A., 1904. Gods and Fighting Men: The Story of the Tuatha de Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland, Arranged and put into English by Lady Gregory. John Murray, London. Reprinted, 1998. Irish Myths and Legends. Running Press Book Publishers, Philadelphia, USA. Part One: The Gods. Book IV: The Ever-living Living Ones. Chapter 12: Cliodna's Wave, pp 129–31.

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Gods and Fighting Men – ancient tales of Ireland put into English by Lady Augusta Gregory. 1904. Project Gutenberg.

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