Edgware Road

Medieval Arthurian Legend

Sir Thomas Malory: Le Morte d'Arthur

15th century, late-Medieval English.

Sir Lancelot rides away wearing Sir Kay's arms, and so Sir Kay is forced to return to King Arthur's court disguised as Sir Lancelot.

So on the morne sir Launcelot arose erly – Sir Lancelot rose early the following morning, leaving Sir Kay still sleeping where he lay. Taking Sir Kay’s armour, he put it all on and then went to the stable, saddled a horse, thanked his host for the hospitality he had shown to them both, and departed. Soon afterwards, Sir Kay got up. Wondering where Sir Lancelot had gone, he went to fetch his armour and his horse and found them missing. ‘By my faith!’ he exclaimed. ‘Sir Lancelot will bring many knights of King Arthur’s to grief armed as he is, for they will all think that he is me and be much braver and more inclined to challenge him than they might have been. And I am certain to have a peaceful ride back to King Arthur’s court wearing Sir Lancelot’s armour and shield!’

Sir Lancelot rode into a deep forest and came upon four knights sitting on their horses beneath an oak tree. They were all knights of King Arthur’s court: Sir Sagramour, Sir Hector, Sir Gawain and Sir Yvain. All of them thought that they were looking at Sir Kay riding towards them.

‘Now, by my faith!’ exclaimed Sir Sagramour. I woll preve sir Kayes myght - I will test Sir Kay’s strength and valour!’

Vinaver, Eugene, 1971, reprinted in paperback, 1977. Malory: Works. Oxford University Press. A Noble Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake, pp 163–5.

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