Greek Mythology

Homer's Odyssey: the goddess Athene

8th century BC, Ancient Greek.

The goddess Athene cast such a weariness over their eyes that they all took their leave from one another and made their way back to their lodgings.

Athene walked along all the streets and past every building in the town until she had found all of Telemachus’s oarsmen, and in the likeness of Telemachus, son of Odysseus, she instructed each of them in turn to be at the harbour beside the ship that same evening. Noemon son of Phronius had been only too pleased to loan out the ship when she had asked him.

Dusk descended, the goddess had the ship brought down into the water and floated it to the harbour entrance with all the equipment it needed on board. By now she was able to greet the oarsmen who had already assembled on the waterfront. Then she made her way to where the suitors were revelling once more in the palace at Odysseus’s expense – she cast such a weariness over their eyes that they all took their leave from one another and made their way back to their lodgings. Then she appeared before Telemachus in the shape of Mentor, who was an old friend of his father whom Odysseus had charged with the care of his household in his absence.

Story fragment recounted from: Shewring, Walter, with an introduction by Kirk, G. S., 1980, reprinted 2008. Homer: The Odyssey. Translated from ancient Greek with an introduction. Oxford University Press. Book II, Telemachus Defies the Suitors, pp 12–22.

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