Medieval Icelandic Sagas

The Tale of Thorstein Mansion-Might

14th century, Old Norse.

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'My name is Godmund of Glasir Plains. I rule over the land you see about you, which is annexed to Giantland.'

Thorstein saw three huge men riding towards the oak tree in which he was hiding. They had obviously spotted him, so Thorstein climbed down. When he reached the ground, they all started laughing.

'What is your name?' asked one of them, who was clad in cloth-of-gold.

'My name is Thorstein and men have nicknamed me Mansion-Might because of my size. I am Norwegian and sail the seas for the benefit of King Olaf Tryggvason.'

'King Olaf’s court cannot be as splendid as we have been led to believe, if they are so impressed by your size, Mansion-Might,' replied the giant. 'A better name for you might be Mansion-Migit.'

'What is your name, then?' asked Thorstein.

'My name is Godmund of Glasir Plains. I rule over the land you see about you, which is annexed to Giantland.'

Story fragment recounted from: Pálsson, Hermann, and Edwards, Paul, 1985, reprinted 2005. Seven Viking Romances. Translated from Medieval Icelandic with an introduction. Penguin Books Limited. The saga of Thorstein Mansion-Might. 4. Giantland, and 5. Godmund of Glasir Plains, pp 262–3.

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