Prehistoric or late-Medieval English Folk-Art?

The Cerne Abbas giant in Dorset and the Long Man of Wilmington in East Sussex

Prehistoric?–16th-17th century folk-art, Cerne Abbas, Dorset | South Downs near Alfriston, East Sussex, England.

It has always been a legend that Britain was inhabited by giants in prehistoric times.

'This giant figure is 180 feet tall, carved into a chalk hillside at Cerne Abbas in Dorset,' said Quintin. 'But the earliest record we have of it is for payment towards its re-cutting in 1694.'

Cerne Abbas giantCerne Abbas giant

Cerne Abbas Giant, a chalk figure cut into a hillside near Cerne Abbas, Dorset, England.

'And there's another giant in southern England,' said Miranda. 'He’s carved into the chalk on the north-facing slope of the South Downs near Alfriston in Sussex. A figure of a giant striding down the hillside, holding a long stick in each hand.'

'Yes, that one was carved out of the chalk in the sixteenth century,' said Quintin. 'They did a very interesting archaeological study of it. It was shown on the TV.'

'Shows that traditions were still alive in the Elizabethan period then,' said Miranda.

'It does,' replied Quintin.

white lines cut into a chalk hillside depicting a man holding two sticks.

Long Man of Wilmington, a chalk figure cut into a hillside near Alfriston, East Sussex, England.

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