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Medieval Icelandic Sagas

The Saga of Eirek the Traveller

13th century, Old Norse.

Gripping a companion with his left hand and a sword in his right, Eirek strode fearlessly into the dragon’s mouth.

Eirek turned to his companion, who dared not go any further towards the creature. Eirek had been travelling for many years, trying to find the Deathless Acre, the pagan land of the hereafter. And now, at last almost within sight of it, he could see that the bridge was guarded by a huge and terrifying dragon, roaring and snapping its jaws.

Gripping another companion with his left hand and with his sword in his right, Eirek strode fearlessly into the dragon’s mouth. They felt their way forwards and it was as though they was wading through smoke, but shortly they emerged into a beautiful countryside. Strange buildings were hanging, supported, seemingly by nothing, suspended from nothing. It was a beautiful place.

Story fragment recounted from: The Saga of Eirek the Traveler, translated by Peter Tunstall.

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The Tale of Eirek the Traveller – Modern English translation by Peter Tunstall, 2005

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