Medieval Arthurian Legend

Sir Thomas Malory: Le Morte d'Arthur

15th century, late-Medieval English.

Merlin was so well disguised that King Arthur didn’t recognise him.

Merlin took his leave from King Arthur and went to visit his master Bloise in Northumberland. After this, Merlin left Northumberland and came to where King Arthur was staying, at the castle of Bedgrain in Sherwood Forest. And Merlion was so disgysed that kynge Arthure knewe hym nat... for he was clad in black sheepskins and great boots with a bow underneath a leather cloak, holding some wild geese. It was the morning after Candlemas and King Arthur didn’t know who this man was.

‘Sir, will you give me a gift?’ said Merlin to the king.

‘Why would I want to do that, churl?' asked the king.

Vinaver, Eugene, 1971, reprinted in paperback, 1977. Malory: Works. Oxford University Press. The Tale of King Arthur. I. Merlin, p 25.

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