Medieval Icelandic Sagas

Eyrbyggja Saga

13th century, Old Norse, Iceland.

He was all coal-blue, and every bone in him was broken.

After the death of Thorolf Halt-foot many folk deemed it worse to be abroad as soon as the sun was getting low. But as the summer wore on, men were ware of this, that Thorolf lay not quiet, and men might never be in peace abroad after sunset. And this happened withal that those oxen that had been yoked to Thorolf when they dragged him to his place of burial were troll-ridden, and all such cattle as came close to Thorolf's burial mound went mad, and bellowed until they died. Now the herdsman at Hvamm often came home in such a manner that it was clear that Thorolf had been chasing him. And so it befell in the autumn at Hvamm that one day neither herdsman nor beasts came home; and in the morning men went to seek them, and found the herdsman dead, a little way from Thorolf's burial mound, and he was all coal-blue, and every bone in him was broken.


Story fragment retold from: Eyrbyggja Saga – Saga of the Ere-Dwellers. English translation by William Morris and Eirikr Magnusson; slightly ammended for modern usage.

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Eyrbyggja Saga – 1892 translation into English by William Morris & Eirikr Magnusson from the original Icelandic 'Eyrbyggja saga'.


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